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Last updated 2 Nov 2019
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Summer Season 2023/2024

Summer Season 2023/2024

Registration is now closed

Event Dates

StartTuesday 3 October 2023

FinishWednesday 22 November 2023

Registration Dates

OpenSaturday 19 August 2023

CloseSaturday 2 September 2023

Terms and conditions

Summer 2023 / 2024 Season Information.

The upcoming summer season will look a little different this season. Here are the key changes:

. 8-week competition.
. No finals.
. No grading games.
. Fees will be reduced.
. Moddies, Junior and Inters will play 10 min quarters.

Registration Information
Registrations open: 20th August 2023
Registrations close: 2nd September 2023
Season Start date: 3rd/4th October 2023
Season Finish date: 21st/22nd November 2023
Registering for the Summer Season involves a two-step procedure:

Step 1 - Registration via Kedron Lions Netball Website.

Step 2 - Registration via Netball Connect

Both steps of the registration, along with payment, must be fully completed during the registration process to qualify for participation in the Summer 2023 / 2024 season.

For returning players from Winter 2023 season, please make sure to use the same username and password on Netball Connect as last season to avoid being charged the Netball Qld fee again.

When entering the competition name please ensure you type "Kedron Lions Netball Club" instead of BNA. This ensures accurate fee payment.

*** Important Information for players trialling for TIP. ***

Trialling TIP Players.

If you are intending to trial for TIP, we kindly request that you do not register until the teams have been officially announced.


Completed player registration is a commitment to the team you have been placed in. 100% commitment to training and games is expected for the entire season. Refunds will not be granted following the team's announcements.

Terms and conditions

  • Dear Parents, Guardians and Adult Members,

    Before clicking the link to join the 2023 /2024 Summer season, please read and acknowledge your agreement with the following:

    Registration Refunds

    Player registration is a commitment to the team you have been placed in. 100% commitment to training and games is expected for the entire season.

    No refunds will be issued after the club's grading day.

    The club reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time.

    Game Day Requirements

    Each week every team needs to supply either a scorer or timekeeper. So, this is not left up to the same person every week; the team manager will do up a roster at the start of the season and each team's parents, guardians and adult members will be responsible for providing a suitable adult to carry out this duty in accordance with the roster. This is also mandatory.

    COVID 19

    In addition to our normal code of conduct requirements, we will follow and be putting in place any COVID-19 protocols that are in place for community netball, which enables us to safely continue playing throughout the Summer season.

    At this stage there are no restrictions in place. The situation will be monitored and adapted by the BNA on an ongoing basis.

    If we go back to restrictions relating to COVID-19 there will be mandatory participation by each team's parents, guardians and adult members in the carrying out of COVID cleaning and monitoring on a rotational basis. This will be administered via a roster similar to that used for canteen duty in past seasons. Your team will be rostered on over the coming season and 2 or 3 parents, guardians and adult members may be required.

    May I please be very clear, this is mandatory. If you do not wish to participate or object to being responsible, via a roster system, to volunteer your services for what may be 3 hours over the next 6 months, DO NOT PROCEED to the sign-up page.

    Please understand that as uncomfortable as restrictions could be and could continue to be, the only alternative is no community netball at BNA at all.

    The path we have been on for previous seasons has been time consuming and arduous for the KL Committee and COVID volunteers to date, but our only goal is to keep our members on the court, safely.

    I hope you understand and accept the above so we can stand together in our wonderful and proud club, and each do our little bit to share the load.

    Yours in KL Netball

    Simon McNamara
    KL President