Second Hand Uniform Classifieds

Kedron Lions does not offer a thrift shop arrangement for club members to trade uniforms but we offer an online classified ad service for connecting private sales.

Please note all sales of uniforms is between the seller and buyer.  Kedron Lions Netball Club is not responsible for any transaction of 2nd hand uniforms.

Please advise once your item is sold.

Dresses for Sale.


For Sale: Child 8 - $15. Good Condition.

Contact Louise via email

DressFor Sale: Ladies 10 - $20. Good Condition.

Contact Megan Smith via email

Bike Pants for Sale.

Bike  Pants

For Sale: Bike Pants Adult 12 - $20. Okay Condition

Contact Lisa via email

Bike  Pants

For Sale: Bike Pants Child 14 - $10. Perfect Condition

Contact Trisha via email

Dress and Bike Pants Combo for Sale.

Dress and  Bike  Pants

For Sale: Dress and Bike Pants Adult 10 - $30.  Good Condition

Contact Gillian Heseltine via email

Hoodie for Sale.

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